A Lazy Sunday- June 23, 2013

IMG_0221IMG_0213I visited On The Point and Rudy yesterday and the temps were near 90 but there was a gentle breeze that calmed the mares and their foals. They were all sleepy and sloth-like
as the sauntered over to the fence. All of the babies are so well behaved. Doc has them
socialized well.

Rudy is slick and shiny with the recent rains, and has just one final strip of baby fuzz left on the top of his back. I received the foal kit in the mail from the Jockey Club and intend to send that in toward the end of July.

Sweet Success

After weeks of trying to choose a name for On The Point’s foal, my daughter Rachel came up with a name
for Rudy that was accepted last Friday by the Jockey Club. Rudy’s official racing name will be
GIVEN TAKE once his registration is complete. Just had to work that Point Given name in there somehow!

The Belmont

Rach's drawing- Point Given -2001 BelmontThere is no doubt that Point Given’s best and most dominating performance came in the “test of champions”- The Belmont. This is where he proved he was a force to be reckoned with. I can’t even count the number of times I have watched the race replay of Point Given’s win in the 2001 Belmont. You can literally see the point where Gary must have opened up the jet pack because the two of them went flying!

Knowing that this is my favorite of Point Given’s races, my daughter Rachel sketched a poster sized picture of Gary and Point Given crossing the wire as a gift for me this past Christmas. She did an amazing job and it is something I will always treasure!

So I thought it was appropriate timing to share the gift since the Belmont is this Saturday. So thrilled to see that Gary is once again in the saddle and we certainly will be cheering him and Oxbow on to victory.

Adjusting to the Herd- May 26, 2013

IMG_0204IMG_0201We visited On the Point ( Dream) and Rudy today to find that they had been integrated into the main herd of mares and foals. It appears that Dream has had to take a back seat to another mare in the herd, which she normally isn’t accustomed to! You could tell she wanted to come to the fence to visit, but was keeping her distance. I tried to distract the Alpha aggressive mare and her foal so Dream could eat her treats in peace! That other mare is a hateful ol’ thing! She had all of the mares and their babies flying around the pasture and paddock. Rudy has grown still in just 2 weeks since Mothers Day. He is starting to shed off and reminds me of a buffalo. Dream is pretty and slick. The recent rains we’ve had should loosen that baby hair soon.