On The Point In Foal to Lentenor- Full Brother To Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro

Received the Good News from Doc on Saturday that Dream ( On the Point) is in foal with a Lenny baby.Dream’s first two foals have been amazing, so I expect next years foal to be no less than special as well. Dream will be given next year off after she has her foal. She has more than earned a chance to be a horse and kick up her heels. 🙂

Hope is in the Air

With two legs of the Triple Crown under his belt, the strapping California Chrome will be allowed to wear his nasal strips and continue his journey in the Belmont and hopefully onto the pages of Horse Racing history. A Triple Crown not only means a lot to the Owners and connections of California Chrome, but it means a lot to the future of Thoroughbred racing. Record crowds filled the Derby and Preakness. New York, listen up, the fans will be coming in droves so you better get ready, get ready! The people have spoken and want to see a Triple Crown winner and deserve it as much as the athlete himself. Enough with the nonsense and the 36 yr drought. No other sport would survive such a travesty. Get on your feet, and prepare to cheer because it will be an Oh Happy Day.

Derby Day- May 3, 2014

Yet another exciting Kentucky Derby has come and gone and left us with a VERY capable
horse and a hope that perhaps this year might be the the year we see a Triple Crown Winner.

Yes, I did bet on California Chrome and I like his “humble beginnings” if that is what they are called? How is it that some folks are considering a horse that descends from Pulpit of humble origins?! Are you kidding me? I somehow don’t think the folks at Claiborne would take to kindly to that!

The horse’s connections represent the average person and the future of Thoroughbred racing- I do hope! It is encouraging to me. I hope the handsome chestnut chrome laden horse blows his naysayers out of the water in the Preakness. The naysayers thought Slew was a fluke and still weren’t quite convinced he was the real deal by the time the Preakness rolled around. The Chrome Man is the real deal and the horses that I feel are a legitimate threat to him in the Preakness are Social Inclusion, Pablo Del Monte, and Ria Antonia. In the Belmont, Chrome will have to fend off the likes of Commanding Curve, Danza and Wicked Strong if they race.

As is customary in my house on Derby Day, we held a Derby Party. Even though a few in our family couldn’t be present, they were present in spirit. Aw- Good food, fun and Kentucky racing! Below are a couple of pictures.

Rach, Me and Brit

Rach, Me and Brit

Mom and Ryleigh

Mom and Ryleigh

A Date with Lentenor- 5/2/14

A trip was made to Anderson to the Indiana Stallion Station where Dream ( On the Point) was introduced to Lentenor while Hope, her filly, waited in the van during the introduction. All went well and Dream (On the Point) got a good cover. We should know on or about May 19th if Dream is in foal.Fingers crossed!