Another Filly for Defining Hope

Defining Hope delivered a big, healthy, beautiful Runhappy filly at 2:15am on Monday, April 5th, 2021. Both Hope and her filly are doing well. This filly is Hope’s third consecutive foal and is her biggest weighing in at a whopping 161lbs! I loved watching Runhappy race and believe this mating out of Runhappy and Defining Hope will beget speed. Looking forward to seeing this filly grow and develop. Thank you to Jackie and Sarah and the rest of the night foal watch crew for assisting Hope during her delivery. Pictures taken below at birth and at 5 days old.

Please, just give me a minute to collect my thoughts.
Strike a Pose!
Mom, I think we need to look up and say cheese!
I’m out of here- enough pictures!

Defining Hope’s filly gets a name

Hope’s yearling filly by Cross Traffic, who we affectionately nicked named Sass, has been named Defining Purpose. The filly exhibits many of her mother’s personality traits so it seemed like a fitting name. I understand that she is quite the Alpha in the paddock with the other yearlings and can display that “diva tude” every now and again. Hoping that white spot on her right side is a “push button” 🙂 Picture below taken this month on a recent visit.