On The Point Update

Weathering the ups and downs is just the nature of the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry and just like everyone else, I’ve had my share over the past 8 years.

I learned the day after Thanksgiving that On The Point lost her To Honor & Serve foal. However, I am grateful that I still have her since a late term pregnancy loss can be extremely dangerous for a mare.

On the Point is booked to Blueskiesnrainbows this Spring. He’s well- bred and was a talented racehorse.

So I propose a toast to do-overs and to yet another Indiana sired and bred in 2019.


In Memoriam-Strong Hope- 2000-2017

There are horses and then there are REAL horses.Strong Hope was a REAL horse. Not only was he accomplished on the track, but his conformation was utter perfection. He sold at auction for 1.7 million as a yearling, so it stands to reason that the Melnyk’s liked what they saw in the yearling colt.

Upon his retirement, he stood at stud at Claiborne.  It’s a known fact that the thoroughbred breeding industry is hard on it’s stallions by expecting so much from them. So many of them fail to get well bred mares and so step off behind the gate.I believe such was the case with my favorite stallion Strong Hope.

It is my hope that my filly, Defining Hope, can help redeem his contribution to the Indiana breeding program. In my opinion, he was by far the best quality stallion standing at stud in Indiana and I simply ran out of time trying to prove it.

I am grateful to have gotten two offspring from Strong Hope. Rest in peace dear one. You are now free to enjoy all the baby carrots you want!

Picture taken of Strong Hope in Aug 2017

Hope wins the Itoba Stallion Season Fillies Stakes

Hope fired off her second stakes win of the season on Saturday, June 10th. I believe she won for her jockey, Malcolm Franklin, who was celebrating his birthday that weekend.

I thought her previous stakes win in the Swifty Sired Fillies Stakes was impressive when she won by 9 1/2 lengths, but she came back even stronger to dominate by 11 lengths in the Itoba Stakes. Her biggest challenger was No Bluff Just Hope, another talented Strong Hope filly. Go Strong Hope!

Thank you to the many friends, family, and new acquaintances that were present Saturday night to support and cheer Hope on.

One thing is for sure ,I’ve been blessed with a very special filly. She knows what she is supposed to do and she’s enjoying it. I hope you are enjoying the ride as well as we experience together the thrill of thoroughbred racing!  Pictures and articles below.

Post Parade

Approaching the Winner’s Circle

Winner’s Circle


Race Results

A Special Meeting…..10 years later

When we were in Lexington for the Keeneland Fall meet recently, I took the opportunity to visit an old Friend. A Friend that started my journey back in 2006. I’m referring of course to Point Given. I can say with certainty that the fellow has mellowed with age, but still has that confident, intelligent, fiery look in his eye. He still looks just as big and intimidating. It’s amazing how much Defining Hope runs like him on the track. She runs with the same sheer aggressive determination that Point Given was famous for.

To be near such a great horse is both breathtaking and humbling at the same time. He will always hold a special place in my heart. Below is a picture of my visit with Point Given at Calumet-  a cherished moment of reflection born out of utter respect and love.

Me and PG

Me and PG


Defining Hope Wins The City of Anderson Stakes- 9/14/16

OH HAPPY DAY!! Defining Hope made the jump from a MSW to a Stakes race and looked like a pro the whole way. She and Malcolm Franklin drew from the 8th post and traveled 3 wide pushing Whistle Stop faster and faster.  Defining Hope challenged Whistle Stop in the turn and dueled almost the entire stretch to draw off a little more than a length at the wire. See pics, article and race replay.

Calm and Collected

Calm and Collected