The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my journey and to share with you my desire and determination to breed more stamina and soundness back into the breed. Through this journey, it is my hope that I can help create an awareness of the thoroughbred racing industry so that other common folks like myself can be inspired to follow or participate in one of our great nations oldest sports. Perhaps I can help in some small way to help revive the great sport by showing people that you don’t have to be a third or fourth generation horseman or horsewoman nor do you have to be wealthy to enjoy Thoroughbred racing. The sport of Thoroughbred racing today is not just the Sport of Kings but a sport for all of us to enjoy. It is the original people’s sport, once as popular as taking the family to the ball game. It is as American as apple pie. If you don’t believe me, check out the story of Seabiscuit and the Great Depression. The country can handle another great horse like American Pharoah, so get ready- Get Ready!

A dare to dream for those who dare to believe. Sit back and enjoy the ride. This blog will take you on a journey from the breeding shed to foaling and through the first few years of life as we experience together the amazing thrill of thoroughbred racing.


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