It’s a colt for Defining Hope!

As they say, like mother like daughter. Defining Hope delivered her first foal, a Cupid colt on Monday, February 11 at about 5:50 pm at Margaux Farm in Midway, Kentucky.  As luck would have it, she delivered within 90 minutes of her dam, On The Point, who foaled in Indiana. It was like a scene from Father of the Bride II where Steve Martin’s wife, played by Diane Keaton, goes into labor at the same time as her daughter, played by Kimberly Williams.

But, both Mom and baby are doing well. They tell me that Hope is a fantastic and patient first time mother.  You can tell she loves her little one. She is great with the staff and lets them enter the stall and handle her baby without any fussing. Of course,  in true Diva like manner, you must acknowledge Hope as well.  However, she is willing to share the limelight with her little man (  or not so little at 127 lbs).

Defining Hope is relishing her second career with all of the wonder it holds for her and her new foal. Hope took one look at me and immediately wanted her usual peppermints with a sort of panic. Ok, where did that patient mother tude go? Oh, you want to be pampered? #youdeserveit! The little man, on the other hand, will just have to wait another day for his peppermints!

Enjoy the photos below!

A tender first moment between Mother and son

We’re up and nursing!

5 days old!

Hey Mom, are they talking about me?

In Memoriam-Strong Hope- 2000-2017

There are horses and then there are REAL horses.Strong Hope was a REAL horse. Not only was he accomplished on the track, but his conformation was utter perfection. He sold at auction for 1.7 million as a yearling, so it stands to reason that the Melnyk’s liked what they saw in the yearling colt.

Upon his retirement, he stood at stud at Claiborne.  It’s a known fact that the thoroughbred breeding industry is hard on it’s stallions by expecting so much from them. So many of them fail to get well bred mares and so step off behind the gate.I believe such was the case with my favorite stallion Strong Hope.

It is my hope that my filly, Defining Hope, can help redeem his contribution to the Indiana breeding program. In my opinion, he was by far the best quality stallion standing at stud in Indiana and I simply ran out of time trying to prove it.

I am grateful to have gotten two offspring from Strong Hope. Rest in peace dear one. You are now free to enjoy all the baby carrots you want!

Picture taken of Strong Hope in Aug 2017


The day had finally arrived for Hope’s first race.  Not only was it special because it was her first race,  but this race happened to fall on my birthday as well. Prior to the race, my Mom and I visited Hope in her stall where we found her to be cool as a cucumber. When they saddled her in the paddock, she appeared to get nervous and reared up, but as soon as Malcolm was onboard, she calmed right down and acted respectfully in the post parade over to the gate. She was in race # 6 an Indiana sired and bred maiden race with a field of 12. She broke well from Post 9 and stalked 4 wide and dueled in the stretch before pulling away for a 5 length win. Let me tell you this, nothing compares to your horse winning on your birthday. What a bonus! Thank you Hope!


See the link below for the article on Margaux’s website and race replay.

Crossing the finish line

Crossing the finish line

Race #6 Post Positions

Race #6 Post Positions

Post Parade

Post Parade

She won!

She won!

Uphold – 15 months old

Uphold ( Gabe) weighs 928 lbs and has finally lost his baby fur! He is a totally different horse now and so well behaved. He seems to really like his grooms. Dermot describes Uphold as an indepedent horse who is curious and not afraid of anything. He said he is an easy horse to handle. While we were visiting,Uphold’s groom unlatched his bridle and opened the stall door and Gabe walked in like he was a dog walking into his crate. I was taken a back and had never seen such a thing! He didn’t have to be led in.  See picture below of Uphold and his groom at Margaux Farmgabe-15-monnths.




April 2016- Uphold To Margaux Farm

Uphold shipped to Margaux and arrived in good shape and weighing 752 lbs. Seeing that Uphold needing some additional handling and socializing, Margaux focused on getting him use to relying on his handlers and less on his equine peers. Despite being a May 1st foal, he was equal in size to the other yearlings, but his fuzzy baby fur quickly gave him away.He is adjusting well. His half sibling sister, Defining Hope, is also at the farm and getting close to shipping to the track.