Another Filly for Defining Hope

Defining Hope delivered a big, healthy, beautiful Runhappy filly at 2:15am on Monday, April 5th, 2021. Both Hope and her filly are doing well. This filly is Hope’s third consecutive foal and is her biggest weighing in at a whopping 161lbs! I loved watching Runhappy race and believe this mating out of Runhappy and Defining Hope will beget speed. Looking forward to seeing this filly grow and develop. Thank you to Jackie and Sarah and the rest of the night foal watch crew for assisting Hope during her delivery. Pictures taken below at birth and at 5 days old.

Please, just give me a minute to collect my thoughts.
Strike a Pose!
Mom, I think we need to look up and say cheese!
I’m out of here- enough pictures!

Defining Hope’s filly gets a name

Hope’s yearling filly by Cross Traffic, who we affectionately nicked named Sass, has been named Defining Purpose. The filly exhibits many of her mother’s personality traits so it seemed like a fitting name. I understand that she is quite the Alpha in the paddock with the other yearlings and can display that “diva tude” every now and again. Hoping that white spot on her right side is a “push button” 🙂 Picture below taken this month on a recent visit.

Uphold Upsets in the Unreachable Star Stakes

Just three short weeks after having been claimed by a new trainer and owner, Uphold, at odds of 33-1 found his way to the winners circle for the Inaugural Running of the Unreachable Star Stakes at Indiana Grand. I know many friends and family probably thought I would be crying the blues, but to me, his win in this stakes race confirmed what I had always believed about Uphold. I always knew he was a stakes horse. His win represented the silver lining to me. It was if he was telling me that he was happy in his new barn and poised for the next chapter of his journey. His win in this stakes was auspicious because it fell on my Grandfather’s birthday. While my grandfather was present in spirit only that night, I’d like to think he whispered in Uphold’s ear to give him that extra push! The win that night was so well timed because just three short days later, two of my fillies, half sibling’s to Uphold, were set to be sold at the Indiana auction. Not only did Uphold start a new journey, but the fillies each went to great owner/trainers. My yearling filly out of Blueskiesnrainbows, Everything’s Rosy, went to Bob Gorham and my weanling filly out of Wicked Strong went to Brandi Steele. Please enjoy the article below by Tammy Knox and the pictures from Indiana Grand and remember to always keep looking for that silver lining!

Everything has a Season

With all of the challenges that 2020 brought and with the advent of the fall season, it became apparent that some tough decisions had to be made. With racing options limited and a shortened racing season, the risky decision to drop my 5 yr old gelding into a $10,000 claiming race was made by my trainer. While it ultimately cost me my horse, ending my horse ownership instantly, I quickly realized that what seemed like a very unfortunate outcome turned into a blessing for my horse.

I’ve always been of the belief that everything happens for a reason. While those reasons may not be evident at the time and may be painful, they eventually make themselves known. Such was the case for my horse Uphold. Yes, while he is no longer legally mine, he will always be a part of me. My 5 year journey with Uphold cannot be erased nor discounted.

Nevertheless, his new journey started on October 5th, 2020 after winning a $10,000 claiming race under Jesus Castanon’s skillful ride at Indiana Grand. Uphold was claimed by Clabar Mor Stables and John Haran. No one could have ever predicted what happened just three short weeks later….

Let Freedom Ring

Today seemed as fitting as ever to add a few thoughts on Freedom.

We’ve always heard the saying, With Freedom comes Responsibility.  Starting today, let us hold ourselves accountable for our actions and hold ourselves accountable to each other. I believe it is as simple as that. If we hold ourselves accountable to ourselves and to each other, then how can we justify ever hurting each other?

Sure, our country has some issues to work through, but at the end of the day, we are Americans and I still believe that we live in the greatest country in the world. The word American doesn’t know any division so why make it so? To be an American implies that we are all apart of a melting pot and because of our history, we are unique, one of a kind and always will be.

Today, I give thanks for being an American and for being able to follow my passion to wherever it’s supposed to lead me. I give thanks to God, for my family,  for my friends, and for my great team of advisors.

When you lay your head down on your pillow tonight after all of the fireworks cease, simply ask yourself and try to imagine what life would be like without our freedom and this great country of ours.

God Bless and Happy Fourth of July!



Update on Everything’s Rosy

When we visited Margaux Farm on February 29th, we visited with Everything’s Rosy, our yearling out of Blueskiesnrainbows. She continues to grow and is getting bigger everyday and is really filling out nicely. My daughter Rachel and Everything’s Rosy aka Gracie have a special bond. See attached pictures of the two of them.


Hello World! It’s a filly for Defining Hope

Defining Hope delivered a very nice 124 lb Cross Traffic filly born at Margaux Farm about 11:30pm on Sunday, February 23, 2020. Boy, does she have a lot of spunk and sass! We visited her when she was 6 days old and she reminds me of Hope at that age. She was running her mother all over the paddock. No rest for the weary! Hope is such a great mother. Looking forward to seeing how her filly and On the Point’s filly develop. The fillies rule in 2020! Check out the pics below from our visit.


It’s a Filly for On the Point

On the Point delivered a lovely, leggy Wicked Strong filly born about 5pm on Friday, February 21, 2020 at Dr. Beam’s Midwest Equine & Veterinary Hospital. She appears to be a chestnut filly. She’s scopey with a beautiful neck and head. Looking forward to seeing how she develops!  She keeps On The Point quite busy these days by running laps around her mother.

Update on Everything’s Rosy

On the Point’s short yearling has been at Margaux until just before Christmas. She made the transition well from Dr. Beam’s in Trafalgar to Margaux Farm. The farm told me that she literally walked off the van from Trafalgar, settled right in and began eating like it was just another day.  Everything’s Rosy is out of Blueskiesnrainbows. This was a breeding recommended by Cecil Seaman who has been gracious enough to help me in planning the mating’s for both On the Point and Defining Hope. She is a big filly registering in the 4th percentile of her foal crop.  This doesn’t surprise me since she was born big! Check out the pictures taken at 5 days old and the recent one taken 2 weeks ago.  She will be a force to be reckoned with! Look out boys!!

2019 filly- OTPadmiring my girls-2019Gracie- short yearling Jan 2019