Wintering in Tampa

Gabe ( Uphold) is wintering in Tampa this year. I had the chance to see him at the end of the year just before the New Year’s holiday. He looked happy, well adjusted, and  definitely more muscled. He seemed to have taken a liking to Tampa’s track and weather, all of it,except the black birds! Hey Bud, it’s either pigeons at Churchill or blackbirds at Tampa. Take your pick!

He’s made his first start on turf and continues to learn a lot every time he hits the track. I’m so proud of how he is progressing. Now that Gabe has a half sister born 2-11-19, and a nephew ( Defining Hope’s colt) born the same day, he really needs to kick into gear and show these youngsters how it’s done!

Defining Hope and Uphold Training Update

Hope enjoyed a working stay-cation at Margaux Farm this winter.  She took December off and resumed training in January.

Her half sibling Uphold, a 2 yr old colt, started light training as well, but went through a few fast and furious growth spurts after the first of the year and was afforded time off in January and February. Margaux is being patient and cautious in his training and for that I am grateful. Mentally, he wants to run, but his body needs more time to mature. He will either start late in the fall or next Spring. Good things come to those who wait! Big Sis Hope will just have to support her younger brother and keep shoes on him until his maiden debut. 🙂 Below are pictures taken of Hope.

Training at Margaux in March


The Thoroughbred Racing Retirement Community lost a true great last month and one of the toughest professional racehorses of the 1980’s.  So tough was he that he lived to be the ripe old age of 32.

So Gulch is On The Point’s great grandfather and  Defining Hope’s 2x great grandfather and for this I have the utmost pride.

Not only did Gulch produce Thunder Gulch, winner of the 1995 Kentucky Derby and Belmont, but Thunder went on to produce 2001 Horse of the Year, Point Given, who I believe, will in turn produce a great horse through his daughters.Yes, while the breeding of two individuals isn’t an exact science, it is a science, nonetheless. Genetics absolutely fascinates me! Rest in peace Gulch. See link to article below.








Growing Up Independent

IMG_0240IMG_0242IMG_0239I learned that Rudy is now officially weened from his mama. Actually, Mr. Independent as he is called around the barn, handled it quite well but his paddock foal mates had a tough time with the new arrangement. Evidently, after being called upon to console his new friends, Rudy quickly found that he needed some consolation himself! It has been almost 6 weeks so they all have that past them now. Below are pictures of Rudy and his paddock friends.

It comes as no surprise to me that Rudy is so independent because his mama On The Point is independent herself. I’m sure she fostered this in her young colt. I’m sure his size played a role as well. If she could speak our language to her foal, I bet it would be something like” You are big now young man, time to go fend for yourself a while!” 🙂
Perhaps it is Point Given coming out in his grandson. I understand that Strong Hope, Rudy’s father, was also a very strong willed racehorse and had a front running style most of the time. So I figure, all of this will bode well for Mr. Independent.

A Lazy Sunday- June 23, 2013

IMG_0221IMG_0213I visited On The Point and Rudy yesterday and the temps were near 90 but there was a gentle breeze that calmed the mares and their foals. They were all sleepy and sloth-like
as the sauntered over to the fence. All of the babies are so well behaved. Doc has them
socialized well.

Rudy is slick and shiny with the recent rains, and has just one final strip of baby fuzz left on the top of his back. I received the foal kit in the mail from the Jockey Club and intend to send that in toward the end of July.