Growing Up Independent

IMG_0240IMG_0242IMG_0239I learned that Rudy is now officially weened from his mama. Actually, Mr. Independent as he is called around the barn, handled it quite well but his paddock foal mates had a tough time with the new arrangement. Evidently, after being called upon to console his new friends, Rudy quickly found that he needed some consolation himself! It has been almost 6 weeks so they all have that past them now. Below are pictures of Rudy and his paddock friends.

It comes as no surprise to me that Rudy is so independent because his mama On The Point is independent herself. I’m sure she fostered this in her young colt. I’m sure his size played a role as well. If she could speak our language to her foal, I bet it would be something like” You are big now young man, time to go fend for yourself a while!” 🙂
Perhaps it is Point Given coming out in his grandson. I understand that Strong Hope, Rudy’s father, was also a very strong willed racehorse and had a front running style most of the time. So I figure, all of this will bode well for Mr. Independent.

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