Uphold Upsets in the Unreachable Star Stakes

Just three short weeks after having been claimed by a new trainer and owner, Uphold, at odds of 33-1 found his way to the winners circle for the Inaugural Running of the Unreachable Star Stakes at Indiana Grand. I know many friends and family probably thought I would be crying the blues, but to me, his win in this stakes race confirmed what I had always believed about Uphold. I always knew he was a stakes horse. His win represented the silver lining to me. It was if he was telling me that he was happy in his new barn and poised for the next chapter of his journey. His win in this stakes was auspicious because it fell on my Grandfather’s birthday. While my grandfather was present in spirit only that night, I’d like to think he whispered in Uphold’s ear to give him that extra push! The win that night was so well timed because just three short days later, two of my fillies, half sibling’s to Uphold, were set to be sold at the Indiana auction. Not only did Uphold start a new journey, but the fillies each went to great owner/trainers. My yearling filly out of Blueskiesnrainbows, Everything’s Rosy, went to Bob Gorham and my weanling filly out of Wicked Strong went to Brandi Steele. Please enjoy the article below by Tammy Knox and the pictures from Indiana Grand and remember to always keep looking for that silver lining!

Wintering in Tampa

Gabe ( Uphold) is wintering in Tampa this year. I had the chance to see him at the end of the year just before the New Year’s holiday. He looked happy, well adjusted, and  definitely more muscled. He seemed to have taken a liking to Tampa’s track and weather, all of it,except the black birds! Hey Bud, it’s either pigeons at Churchill or blackbirds at Tampa. Take your pick!

He’s made his first start on turf and continues to learn a lot every time he hits the track. I’m so proud of how he is progressing. Now that Gabe has a half sister born 2-11-19, and a nephew ( Defining Hope’s colt) born the same day, he really needs to kick into gear and show these youngsters how it’s done!

Training Update- Uphold

We went down to visit Uphold ( Gabe) a couple of weeks ago. He is training well and breezing on  Wednesdays and Saturdays. He is a calm, intelligent, forward going horse.

Uphold is a May 1st foal and looks like he is 3 years old. He stands almost 16.2 hands and weighs 1165 lbs.  His training has consisted of jogging 6 furlongs and galloping a mile and an eighth daily as well as schooling in the gate twice a week.

If he continues to do well, he will most likely ship to Indiana Grand in the middle of July. Stay tuned for his track training updates! Pics below taken during our visit to Margaux Farm.

Gabe and Me

Ready for my daily workout

Uphold conformation shot

Uphold Training Update- May 2017

I am told that Gabe ( Uphold) is doing well with his training. He is jogging 6 F and galloping a mile and a quarter. He was quickened on May 20th, May 24th and May 27th and did well. Dermot says that Uphold is showing the same family grittiness as his half sibling, Defining Hope and describes Uphold as a very straight forward horse who enjoys his job. We should know more by the end of June on when they anticipate him shipping to the track. Due in part to his large size and the fact that he is a May foal, Uphold has been afforded extra time to develop and will be a late season starter.

Defining Hope and Uphold Training Update

Hope enjoyed a working stay-cation at Margaux Farm this winter.  She took December off and resumed training in January.

Her half sibling Uphold, a 2 yr old colt, started light training as well, but went through a few fast and furious growth spurts after the first of the year and was afforded time off in January and February. Margaux is being patient and cautious in his training and for that I am grateful. Mentally, he wants to run, but his body needs more time to mature. He will either start late in the fall or next Spring. Good things come to those who wait! Big Sis Hope will just have to support her younger brother and keep shoes on him until his maiden debut. 🙂 Below are pictures taken of Hope.

Training at Margaux in March

Uphold- Training Update

Uphold is doing well and has finished his arena training and has now progressed onto the track. He is standing in the gate and jogs 5 furlongs daily on the track. He recovered recently from a hoof abscess, and was off training for almost a week, but it didn’t seem to have slowed him down any. Dermot describes Uphold as a very straight forward intelligent, compliant horse. I  get the impression that Uphold is a breath of fresh air after training Defining Hope!  🙂

Visiting Uphold at Margaux- September 10, 2016

Uphold ( Gabe) has hit a  growth spurt at 16.5 months and is weighing about 950 lbs these days. He is such a sweet and smart horse. He began his breaking and training today 9/19, with two of his buddies there at the farm. I believe the process will go smoothly for him. This year has flown by. It’s hard to believe that he is starting training already and even harder to believe that Defining Hope has started her racing career. See picture below taken on the 10th during our visit.


Strike a pose!

Strike a pose!

Uphold – 15 months old

Uphold ( Gabe) weighs 928 lbs and has finally lost his baby fur! He is a totally different horse now and so well behaved. He seems to really like his grooms. Dermot describes Uphold as an indepedent horse who is curious and not afraid of anything. He said he is an easy horse to handle. While we were visiting,Uphold’s groom unlatched his bridle and opened the stall door and Gabe walked in like he was a dog walking into his crate. I was taken a back and had never seen such a thing! He didn’t have to be led in.  See picture below of Uphold and his groom at Margaux Farmgabe-15-monnths.




Jockey Club accepts name for On The Point’s Weenling Colt

After 4 months of deliberation and soliciting name recommendations from every friend and family member of mine, I received confirmation from the Jockey Club that my name submission had been accepted. The On The Point colt sired by Lentenor will be known as ” Uphold”, and his barn name will be “Gabe”. He will be registered within the next 30 days and nominated to the Breeder’s Cup like his half sister.  Go Get em Gabe!

Growing Up “Hopeful”

Visited Hope ( Defining Hope), Dream ( On The Point), and Strong Hope this past weekend. Hope continues to develop and mature. Doc and his team are doing a great job with her. Below are pics of Hope at 6 and 8 months of age. She is now 10 months old.

Dream is 9 months pregnant and due to foal her Lentenor baby on or about April 9th. She always seems to go beyond her due date each year so we’ll see what this year brings. She looked healthy, fat, and sassy with her head stuck in a bale of hay.

Strong Hope was forever the gentleman and always looks forward to the baby carrots I bring him. He is so polite and turns his head so I can drop them into his feed bowl. I really like him and his gentle eye.

Until next time…

Hope- 6 mos

Hope- 6 mos

Hope- 8 mos

Hope- 8 mos