Growing Up “Hopeful”

Visited Hope ( Defining Hope), Dream ( On The Point), and Strong Hope this past weekend. Hope continues to develop and mature. Doc and his team are doing a great job with her. Below are pics of Hope at 6 and 8 months of age. She is now 10 months old.

Dream is 9 months pregnant and due to foal her Lentenor baby on or about April 9th. She always seems to go beyond her due date each year so we’ll see what this year brings. She looked healthy, fat, and sassy with her head stuck in a bale of hay.

Strong Hope was forever the gentleman and always looks forward to the baby carrots I bring him. He is so polite and turns his head so I can drop them into his feed bowl. I really like him and his gentle eye.

Until next time…

Hope- 6 mos

Hope- 6 mos

Hope- 8 mos

Hope- 8 mos

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