Uphold Upsets in the Unreachable Star Stakes

Just three short weeks after having been claimed by a new trainer and owner, Uphold, at odds of 33-1 found his way to the winners circle for the Inaugural Running of the Unreachable Star Stakes at Indiana Grand. I know many friends and family probably thought I would be crying the blues, but to me, his win in this stakes race confirmed what I had always believed about Uphold. I always knew he was a stakes horse. His win represented the silver lining to me. It was if he was telling me that he was happy in his new barn and poised for the next chapter of his journey. His win in this stakes was auspicious because it fell on my Grandfather’s birthday. While my grandfather was present in spirit only that night, I’d like to think he whispered in Uphold’s ear to give him that extra push! The win that night was so well timed because just three short days later, two of my fillies, half sibling’s to Uphold, were set to be sold at the Indiana auction. Not only did Uphold start a new journey, but the fillies each went to great owner/trainers. My yearling filly out of Blueskiesnrainbows, Everything’s Rosy, went to Bob Gorham and my weanling filly out of Wicked Strong went to Brandi Steele. Please enjoy the article below by Tammy Knox and the pictures from Indiana Grand and remember to always keep looking for that silver lining!

On The Point Update

Weathering the ups and downs is just the nature of the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry and just like everyone else, I’ve had my share over the past 8 years.

I learned the day after Thanksgiving that On The Point lost her To Honor & Serve foal. However, I am grateful that I still have her since a late term pregnancy loss can be extremely dangerous for a mare.

On the Point is booked to Blueskiesnrainbows this Spring. He’s well- bred and was a talented racehorse.

So I propose a toast to do-overs and to yet another Indiana sired and bred in 2019.


Derby Day- May 6, 2017

I’m so Happy- It’s Derby Day! I look forward to Derby Day every year like I look forward to Christmas! Family  and Friends gather to place bets,eat and enjoy the race and race trivia.

This year, I was the lucky one who randomly selected Always Dreaming from the hat and won the 1st place wager. No, I swear it wasn’t fixed!  Always Dreaming ran quite a race in the mud. Congrats to his connections and to Todd Pletcher and John Velasquez.

My youngest daughter, Rachel, who is majoring in Telecommunications, decided to put together a video of the highlights from the party. I will inlcude a link to the video in the near future. Stay tuned…. but, in the meantime, check out the pictures below.

Derby Day 2017

Me, Rachel and Mom

Granddaughters Lucy and Ry


Defining Hope- Training Update- Aug 5, 2016

Defining Hope is getting closer to starting her first race and has posted some really strong workouts. She will get her gate card soon. We are told that Hope enjoys running and that she is a true professional and athlete. Malcolm seems to really enjoy riding her and Hope really likes him.The two of them seem to have a certain synergy and bond. Below is a picture of Hope training on the track.

 Breezing on Saturday morning

Breezing on Saturday morning

April 2016- Uphold To Margaux Farm

Uphold shipped to Margaux and arrived in good shape and weighing 752 lbs. Seeing that Uphold needing some additional handling and socializing, Margaux focused on getting him use to relying on his handlers and less on his equine peers. Despite being a May 1st foal, he was equal in size to the other yearlings, but his fuzzy baby fur quickly gave him away.He is adjusting well. His half sibling sister, Defining Hope, is also at the farm and getting close to shipping to the track.

Jockey Club accepts name for On The Point’s Weenling Colt

After 4 months of deliberation and soliciting name recommendations from every friend and family member of mine, I received confirmation from the Jockey Club that my name submission had been accepted. The On The Point colt sired by Lentenor will be known as ” Uphold”, and his barn name will be “Gabe”. He will be registered within the next 30 days and nominated to the Breeder’s Cup like his half sister.  Go Get em Gabe!

The Jockey Club accepts a name for Hope

Last week, I learned that the Jockey Club accepted the name submitted  for On The Point’s 2014 filly, Hope. She will be registered later this month under the name “Defining Hope”. The credit goes to my oldest daughter, Brit, who thought of the brilliant name.Thanks again Brit! 🙂 It is so fitting for such an elegant, and classy filly.

Hope- 3 mos old

When we visited Dream and Hope on June 2nd, we noticed that Hope is mindful of her mother. We learned that Dream has been aggressive over the food up until now and forces Hope into the opposite corner of the stall while she eats. She is just now allowing Hope to feed along side. The same thing was noticed with Rudy. Dream has always loved food and nothing comes between her and that feed bucket! Nevertheless, Hope looks good and continues to grow. Dream will be out of her 1st trimester about the middle of this month so maybe she is just crabby! Below are a few pics taken of them during our visit.


A Filly for On The Point – March 27, 2014

On The Point was 16 days past due, but finally delivered her filly at 1:15am on March 27th which also happens to be one of her grandpa’s birthdays, Point Given. We joked that the size of my mare must have felt like a condo for the filly to the point that she was too content to leave. It is just as well as the weather was nasty anyway. The filly is strong and doing well and the delivery went smoothly. Mom seems very proud of her little one. Below are pictures taken the day after she was born.