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Pedigree Matters

Bloodlines don’t lie as the saying goes. I believe that bloodlines are 50%-60% and the rest is what you do with it. In watching horse and dog breeding for the past 6-7 years, my theory is that the mare or dam puts in about 60% and the stallion or sire adds about 40%. I’m sure many will argue that point with me, but I’m just voicing what I have personally witnessed.
First note to self: Breed large mares with good bone, substance and scope and get large foals! Second note to self: If you like what you get with the first breeding- Repeat the Breeding! Some would argue with me here too saying that I should wait to see if the first foal runs at 2 or 3. Nope- you have to be willing to take a risk at some point. But from my vantage point, I don’t consider the repeat breeding a risk. I would love nothing more than to have two full brother’s dueling on the racetrack.

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