My Hope

Hope was born on March 27, 2014 which also happens to be Point Given’s foaling date. I not only found the date to be auspicious, but she was a full sibling to the yearling colt I lost two weeks earlier in a barn fire. To me, she was my hope. She represented the cycle of rebirth, and was a sign that I was meant to continue on. From that day when I first saw her, I knew she was special. On the Point was so proud of her new filly, it’s as is she told her filly to stand and pose for me in her first official photo. The picture below was taken March 27, 2014. The other picture is one of my favorites of the two of us when Hope was a yearling. We share a special bond. So here’s to Hope and DEFINING HOPE!

Looking Proud and Regal

Looking Proud and Regal

Like minds!

Like minds!

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