In Memoriam- Given Take ( Feb. 13. 2013-Mar. 2. 2014)

From his very first steps, it became evident that Rudy was special. Perhaps it was because he was my mare’s first foal, but more likely than not, it was because he was simply Rudy. Within hours of his foaling he confidently left his mother’s side to greet us as if to say, “Hi, I’m here.” From the beginning, it was Rudy’s world and we were merely taking up space in his world. This attitude gained him the nickname “Mr. Independent” around Doc’s farm. Rudy would test anyone and anything in his path, but once he knew he couldn’t pull the wool over your eyes, it is if he snickered and begrudgingly obliged whomever was making the request. It is fair to say that Doc had to humble Rudy a few times when he got a little overly confident!  Rudy most likely inherited his head strong attitude from both Strong Hope and On The Point.

I can’t help but wonder what Rudy might have achieved had he lived longer to carve out his own story. He will always hold a special place in my heart and in those who worked with him. Below is a link to an article. We lost Rudy in a barn fire where he was temporarily stabled. He was stabled in a barn with 6 other horses, all gelded Tennesee Walkers who could run in and out of the barn freely. Rudy, being a young stallion, was put in a stall at night after spending the day in the round pen. The 6 horses did like to hang out in the barn at night with Rudy.

I’m choosing to believe that my spirited colt raised such a raucous that night when the fire broke out that he was able to keep the other horses out of harms way. In death, they say there is rebirth. On The Point gave birth to a full sister to Rudy on March 27, 2014, which coincidentally was Point Given’s foaling date. Rudy’s spirit lives on but he will be sorely missed… Below are pictures taken in his last few weeks.

 Picture taken the day before the fire

Picture taken the day before the fire





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