Hope- 2 mos old

It appears that Hope is minding her P’s and Q’s from Dream as the number of visible corrections on her rump have diminished! She seemed to be more curious and comfortable around us this past weekend, but stays pretty close to her mama. There were 4 mares and foals grazing together in the paddock that Dream and Hope were in and all were so peaceful. I could get lost watching them for hours. Below is a picture taken of Hope over the weekend.





2 thoughts on “Hope- 2 mos old

  1. Just watched a video on FOX cable with Hannity. It was all about California Chrome. They interviewed the owners and trainer and they really believe in that horse. Saw some comments that some think Commanding Curve and Curlin will give him a good run, and some think Medal Count and Tonalet ( spl?) have a chance. I still believe in Chrome and so did Hannity! They’re calling California Chrome “America’s Horse” whether he wins or not. Guess he stands for how success is really achieved honorably!!! Love it!!! And would love for these people to win it just to show the rich that some horses whose folks weren’t the best, can come out on top!! Chrome already has shown that anyway!!!

    Have a good one! I’m off soon to meet Ceil. Nice day to walk around the Zoo!

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