Update on Everything’s Rosy

On the Point’s short yearling has been at Margaux until just before Christmas. She made the transition well from Dr. Beam’s in Trafalgar to Margaux Farm. The farm told me that she literally walked off the van from Trafalgar, settled right in and began eating like it was just another day.  Everything’s Rosy is out of Blueskiesnrainbows. This was a breeding recommended by Cecil Seaman who has been gracious enough to help me in planning the mating’s for both On the Point and Defining Hope. She is a big filly registering in the 4th percentile of her foal crop.  This doesn’t surprise me since she was born big! Check out the pictures taken at 5 days old and the recent one taken 2 weeks ago.  She will be a force to be reckoned with! Look out boys!!

2019 filly- OTPadmiring my girls-2019Gracie- short yearling Jan 2019

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