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Derby Day- May 4, 2013

IMG_0163IMG_0176IMG_0166IMG_0178This year marked the 3rd Annual Derby Day at my house. I started it as a fun way to introduce my family to the racing fever.  By inspiring the upcoming generations in my family, I hope that horse racing will become a fun passion they will remember into their adulthood. To make it feel all the more “official”, we walked and were photographed on the red carpet before feasting on fine food and sipping on mint julips. My granddaughter and nieces enjoyed a silly string fight with Uncle Mike who also served as official photographer. An honor bestowed upon him for three years and counting! There was even wagering  and some funny surprises. Derby Day is my favorite day of the year. One that I look forward to all year long as it kicks off the Triple Crown races. Yes, Orb and Revolutionary were among my choices but so were Oxbow and Will Take Charge. All fine horses indeed. As we approach the Preakness, we wait and hope in anticipation as Orb tries to make history. Godspeed.
Above are pictures of our Derby red carpet event. ( Group picture: front left to right: Sophie, Ryleigh, Maddie; Back left to right-Rachel, Brit, My Mom and Me)

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  • Bernadette Snyder
    May 15, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    Love the update on Dream, Rudy and the Kentucky Derby! Little Rudy is growing so quickly! Looking good!! The group of fans celebrating the Kentucky Derby looks good too!! We did have a wonderful time, didn’t we!! 🙂


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