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Manners School for Rudy- 11 1/2 months

Rudy was transported to Fairland Indiana today where he will stay and begin learning manners and practicing trailer loading and unloading. He will learn to be tied so he can be groomed and have his feet done! He needs to learn that this time is like his spa time instead of an act of war declared on him! I am confident that Stephanie and Buddy will be able to teach Rudy the basics. Rudy has grown quite large so this is another reason to head some of these issues off at the pass.

As for Dream ( On The Point), she is about 8 weeks from her due date and I’m sure she is growing tiresome of the pregnancy especially with the Arctic weather and snow we’ve had so far this January. I know I’m looking forward to Spring and to her new foal.

Until then-Stay warm!

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